• FAQ

    You will find below answers to all Frequently Asked Questions :

    How to modify my electronic ticket ?
    You can contact the closest Air Burkina ticket office available. When no penalty fee is applied, all can be managed with a phone call.

    How to subscribe to the Celestars Frequent Flyer Program ?
    You simply has to fill the form available to this effect in Air Burkina ticket offices, chek-in counters or the website

    At what time should I come to the airport to perform the check-in process ?
    You need to come 2 hours before the flight departure. The check-in counter will close 45 minutes before the flight.

    What to do if I miss my flight ?
    Please go to the Air Burkina check-in counter. If you benefit from a modifiable ticket, you may be able to fly with the next flight if seats are available.
    NB: A penalty fee may be applied depending on the ticket conditions.